Sri Venkatasai Hrudayalaya Hospital


Emergency services are available at any hour for your pet’s unanticipated medical needs. Our Emergency department is staffed by experienced emergency doctors and technicians and is overseen by two boarded emergency and critical care doctor

We have access to immediate diagnostics, when needed, using tools such as a full in house lab, digital radiology suite and ultrasound. Our doctors can provide emergency treatment from minor procedures such as lacerations to emergency surgeries for dogs with GDV (bloat). As part of Summit Veterinary Referral Center we have rapid access to input from other specialists, including internal medicine, surgery, neurology, oncology and radiology. Our specialists work as a team with our emergency doctors to provide the best possible care for your pet.

What to Expect When You Arrive:

When you arrive, your pet will be assessed (triaged) by a licensed veterinary technician and any unstable pets will be immediately brought to the emergency doctor for treatment. As soon as assessment and stabilization has begun, the emergency doctor will meet with you to discuss options for treatment, diagnosis and monitoring. We will work hard to offer as many options as possible and find the best method of treatment for your pet and your family.

We Provide Best Medical Service

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